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Tips on getting the best transport experience

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Planning something big like a wedding or prom? It is important to go to these events in style and comfortably right? The best and not to mention stylish way to do so is to ride in style and arrive in a limo! Remember that you need to get the best vehicle and service and can you tell you’ve got the best bargain? Read these tips to help you get the most of your money and transport experience.

transport experience

1. Know it before you go with it.

  • To get the best service, you have to gather facts before availing their service. Remember that the right limo depends on the occasion, number of passengers and also the number of hours and the distance. Give more details.

2. Eyes on the value: Best service at best price

  • Limos can differ to you know. It would be good to set a limit and your budget should be determined ahead.

3. Right ride

  • The right ride makes all the difference. The vehicle you’re renting should have enough space and other features for the event. If possible, try booking a limo that can fit at least two or more people than what you’ve determined.

4. Ask for the whole price

  • You can always ask for the price so you can compare and contrast services from other companies. Every limousine company will have their own pricing policies, others by hour.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the price is not actually the price. When you rent a limo, you will be charged for the gasoline. That is the reason why you’ll be asked your destination; limousine companies will then estimate the miles and the fuel fee and bam! That’s the price you’re paying. Oh and limousine companies charge by car and not by person.

5. Look at the packages

  • These are usually the best option for occasions like weddings, concerts or prom. Ask the company for a package sine it will generally provide a certain set of hours for a certain vehicle.

6. For big events, early reservations must be made

  • Some events like proms and weddings are best booked at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Just remember to contact them a week before the scheduled event to make sure it is confirmed.

7. Remember: Safety First

  • Always consider you safety; most legitimate limousines are registered to their states for proper leveling of insurance and license. Do not book or avail of a company’s service if they cannot show their license and insurance.

8. Plan ahead

  • Think about other details to make your ride worthwhile, like ice for the drinks or maybe you have a preferred route? Provide these details to the service provider to make sure you get the best service and your needs will be met.

9. Check ratings, reviews and references 

  • You have to make sure that the limo company you will avail of their services are experienced and have a good reputation. Remember to check their operating years too. You’ll be in good hands knowing that the company has a solid reputation for quality and safety.

10. Quality first 

  • Look and avail for quality drivers. Professional chauffeurs are important too.

11. Write it down 

-Occasions that commonly require your personalized touch should be written down so the company can pay closer attention. Also remember to have a written contract that should clearly state all the details of your service and reservation.

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