Fun games you can play in a limousine 

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When we talk about simple luxuries, we usually think massages, chocolates and perfume. But the best simple luxury you can afford and will stay with you throughout your life are memories. Now, if you’re feeling brave, quirky and random with friends and are planning a night out, we’ve just got a great idea for you. Why not rent a limo and make the most out of it? Here are six games you can play inside a limo.


1. Truth or dare

-Now, this game is no longer new to all of us, right? We’ve been playing this game since elementary school. Playing this game inside a limo will be exciting, fun and probably embarrassing. You get to feel a tad devious knowing that no one can escape the game when the questions start getting heated. Plus, you can come up with even the most random dares.

2. Sing your heart out, play American Idol

-Everyone has belted out Taylor Swift’s tunes along with the radio especially when your alone, but will they still want to sing their hearts out in front of their friends? Have a competition among your friends and choose songs at random and have them sing.

3. Truth or Dare’s sibling: Never Have I Ever

-This game can be played by all ages, adults can have alcohol and kids can have points. This game is played wherein each person hast to take turns saying something they have never done before, especially something really embarrassing. The person who has done that specific thing or act has to drink or lose a point. The person with a drink or a point left is declared the winner.

4. Drop the bomb: Trivia Game

You can ask random questions about the event or party you’re going to. If  you’re going to a bachelorette party, then you can ask something like “what’s the groom’s family name?”

5. Limo Bingo

  • Have mini scavenger hunt, this is especially great when you’ll be stopping at multiple locations or when you have a long distance to travel and plenty of time on your hands. Have each guests look for something like a ‘woman in red’ or even as simple as ‘another limo’. This will surely keep your guests and friends on their toes.

6. Story Chain

  • Have one phrase where everyone has to make a story out of it.


Phrase is “We are going to Mickey Mouse’s house”

Guest number one: At Mickey Mouse’s house, we will party and meet the groom.

Guest number two: We will party and meet the groom after  Gabe finishes his sausage.


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